User's Leader Board

Below, you can view the SharkBase Leaderboard, which shows the users that have submitted the most sightings, encountered the most species, and also the organisations that have been affiliated with the most sighting records. Be sure to check back regularly to see if you have made it onto the SharkBase Leaderboard.

Leaders this Year


Name Sightings Submitted Position 
Gili Sharks (Gili Shark Conservation) 483 1
Senimili Dainaki (Projects Abroad - Fiji Shark Conservation) 103 2
Gina Mascord 58 3
giovanni 11 4
Josh Parker (Projects Abroad) 9 5
Line 9 6
Jeff Graham 8 7
Moby Diving Lampedusa 2 8
Jack Dunham (Atlantic White Shark Conservancy) 1 9
CSailLog 1 10