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Verify SharkBase SightingsWe need your help to verify shark* sightings submitted to SharkBase


Every month, we recieve hundreds of sightings to SharkBase, and, although our team of experts makes every effort to verify the accuracy of these sightings, sometimes we don't get it right. This is why we need your help. If you would like to participate in SharkBase, but you don't have any sightings of your own to submit, then, you can help us by verifying the accuracy of sightings submitted by other users. Follow the links below to review current sightings listed in SharkBase and help us to determine the accuracy of these sightings. You will receive points for every sighting that you verify, so be sure to keep track of your progress on your profile page. Thank you for your help.

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(*Includes all sharks, rays, and chimaeras)